Natalena Korolewa (1888-1966)

Was born in Spain, her mother was a Spaniard, and her father was a Pole. She started to write fiction works in Ukrainian language in 1919 upon the recommendation of her husband – a famous public figure, writer and artist V.Koroliv-Staryy. Her first story in Ukrainian “Sin (From the Remembrance Book)” was published in Vienna’s Ukrainian weekly “Freedom” (“Volia”) (1921). Since that time all West-Ukrainian, Bukovinian, Transcarpathian Ukrainian magazines, as well as magazines published in Czechoslovakia, included her works. N.Koroleva’s books published in the middle of 30-ies – at the beginning of 40-es brought her public recognition and popularity: collection of legends “Once Upon a Time” (“Vo Dni Ony”) (1935), narratives “1313” (1935), “Without Roots” (1936), collection of stories “A Different World” (1936), narratives “Ancestor” (1937), “A Dream of a Shadow” (1938), “Ancient Kyivan Legends” (1942-1943). After the war, her narrative “Quid est veritas?” (1961), written in 1939, was published in Chicago. Natalena Koroleva found her individual artistic world in the Ukrainian literature, characterized by the symbiosis of the Eastern and Western cultures, paganism and Christianity, synthesis of Roman, Arabic, Greco-Roman, Byzantine, and Slavonic styles.



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