Iryna Wilde (1907-1982)

Iryna Wilde (pseudonym of Daryna Polotniuk), graduated from Lviv University in 1933 and then worked as a teacher and contributed to the journal Zhinocha dolia in Kolomyja (1933–9). Her work was first published in 1930. Some of her prose works from the prewar period are Povist' zhyttia (The Novelette of Life, 1930), the anthology of short stories Khymerne sertse (The Whimsical Heart, 1936), the novelettes Metelyky na shpyl’kakh (Pinned Butterflies, 1936) and B’ie vos'ma (The Clock Strikes Eight, 1936), and novelettes based on the life of the intelligentsia and students, such as Povnolitni dity (Grown-up Children, 1939).



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